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We understand that comfortable accommodation is essential to your trip. But we also believe that it can be an essential part of your adventure and depending on the type of housing chosen it will make a profound impact on your experience.

We can arrange accommodation to suit your preference and budget – from lodging with a local family to residing in a private villa or 4 star hotel on the beachfront.

You may choose between:

  • Living with a Spanish family
  • Renting an Apartment or Villa
  • Living in a local Spanish Hotel or Hostel
  • Camping

All of the accommodation is located in the village and within walking distance to the beach.

Homestay with Spanish families

Immerse yourself, expand your mind and connect with a purpose!

If you choose to stay in the home of one of our Spanish families, by the end of your stay you will be considered an adopted member of the family. You will see Andalusian family life unfold around you and you will speak Spanish all day long, whether out of necessity, interest or fun. Homestays provide a rewarding experience and present an unrivalled opportunity for genuine cultural exchange. If you are seeking to truly immerse yourself, then this is the best option for you.

Valid for individual students, groups and small families.

Renting an apartment or villa

Renting an apartment affords you the opportunity to mix with fellow students and the local people without the loss of privacy. Apartments are available either on the beachfront or in the village. All are equipped with washing machine, towels and bed linen. Towels and linen are changed weekly.

If you want to enjoy the luxury of living in your own villa with wonderful views of the sea and surrounding areas then contact us and we can arrange something appropriate. Please bear in mind that villas and luxury apartments may not be situated as close to the school as the more modest accommodation available and may require the use of a car or other means of transport. If needed, we can arrange car hire.

As a family, we can arrange a beautiful villa or sea view apartment.


Local hotels, hostels and Camping

La Herradura offers good quality hotels located on the beachfront or in town. The advantages of staying in a hotel are obvious, for instance, no cooking, no cleaning and no washing up! We highly recommend the newly constructed three star hotel “Almijara”. It is within 1 minute’s walk of the beach and the town centre. It has a spectacular roof terrace with panoramic views of the village and bay. They offer half or full board.

Another, more purse friendly, option is to stay in Pensión La Herradura. This sweet place could qualify as a boutique hotel. Situated in the heart of the village and surrounded by typical white Andalusian houses and narrow cobblestone streets, this place will give you a real feel of the village and its local people. It is within a few minutes of both the beach and our school and has a bar/restaurant incorporated.

For the more adventurous, our town has two camping sites to choose from. You will need to arrange accommodation for the high season long in advance. Please contact us for more information.