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Adults, families & residents


Not only do we teach but we coach and motivate students in every way we can. We make sure that students are given the proper course according to their needs and preference. The school teaches to a very wide range of students and every single one of them learns in a different way. For this reason the school has developed a wide program with courses adapted to the students various needs.

The key element is assessing the student’s needs, which can be achieved through placement tests and Skype meetings.

Adult class

Classes for adults

Adults, more than being taught, need to be coached. This is more effectively achieved through one of our various One to One, intensive, online-course. Another important feature of what we offer to adults is the fact that we can arrange other aspects, which can be important in the learning process, for example: types of accommodation and cultural activities.

We can provide special services to adults so that they feel pampered and taken care of during the learning process. Thus, learning and using the language becomes easy.

Classes for families

More than classes, we provide experiences for families. Once you put yourself in our hands we will organize every last detail so that, as a family, you learn Spanish and experience the local culture.

For families we can organize accommodation, cultural visits, sport activities, cooking lessons in Spanish where you are staying, and much more. Prior to your arrival a specialist will asses your language level and needs, and depending on age differences, will create a custom made class with a teacher/coach just for you and your family.

Classes for residents

Our school has specialized in local residents, or returning visitors, for the last 10 years. We offer a wide range of courses, from resident groups to One to One and online courses, which will allow you to learn, improve or maintain the language in a fun and practical way.

Residents need practical Spanish, constant coaching and everyday useful topics.