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For over 10 years we have been offering a unique educational travel experience for groups of friends, students and families. We provide customized packages for eco-immersion, language study and family vacations.

Spanish is quickly becoming one of the most widely spoken languages in the world and students are likely to use it throughout their lifetimes. We believe the best way for students to learn Spanish is to fully immerse themselves in the culture and history of Spain, and that is why we base our teaching method on experiential learning. Our program can provide daily Spanish lessons along with field trips and outdoor activities that reinforce the language learnt in the classroom.

Our “expeditions” are customized to meet the specific learning goals of the customer, including but not limited to cultural immersion and language study to mind-blowing visits, back country treks and horseback riding. Our experienced teachers and guides will work with the groups to connect each person and idea introduced during the trip to a cohesive whole, which is in fact the core of our Story Approach.

If you have a need for a genuine language and cultural immersion vacation, we will work tirelessly to meet the expectations and demands of your students in order to create their ideal educational travel experience.

For teachers and educators

Are you considering leading student travel? Our Educators’ Journey offers curious teachers a wonderful (and wonderfully affordable!) opportunity to connect with Spain and sample some of the amazing educational, adventure, and service options we offer for student groups. For teachers considering future travel with student groups, there is no better way to start planning a trip than to experience it first-hand! Teachers on our Educators’ Journey come away with a wealth of trip planning knowledge and ideas, as well as valuable connections with like-minded teachers from all over the world.

Why travel with us? 
We make planning easy! Over 10 years of teaching experience in the classroom and the field informs the way our company approaches everything from planning to execution, making your job easy. Employing our unique approach to experiential travel, we help you to authentically experience your destination of choice, while supporting the local economy and sustainable initiatives along the way.

Is this a vacation?
No—this is way beyond a vacation! Educators’ Journey is a packed itinerary where we showcase many of our favourite people, places, and engaging experiential learning activities in Andalucía. We are very active, making the most of our short time to download lots of information and focus on sharing ideas for student eco-immersion travel.

For agents

Looking for the perfect location to offer your customers seeking an educational travel experience in Andalucía? We are a certifiedthat offers students a once in a lifetime opportunity to live and breathe what it means to be Spanish. We specialize in eco-immersion for groups of friends, students and families.

What is eco-immersion? From the Greek word, oikos, “eco” means “home.” Planet Earth is our Home. All living organisms on Earth share this Home. Become immersed in new parts of your Home. Get to know what life is really like in other’s homes. Hometowns. Home villages. Home forests. Their corner store. Their local foods. Their neighbors. We use small villages as our anchor. Our neighbourhood. Like visiting your uncle who lives abroad. Even when in larger towns and cities, we approach it as many small villages. We do this because it provides the most powerful eco-immersion opportunity. As we all know from our hometowns, that is where real life happens, and that is what we want to share with you.