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Kids and Summer


Spanish Immersion Summer Course

*Not available until further notice. Spanish lessons for children are available in private or in family groups. 

Kids04If you are visiting La Herradura this summer, this is the perfect opportunity for your children to learn Spanish! Our summer camp encourages students to learn Spanish by experiencing it. We combine the classroom with outdoor activities and expeditions, from horseback riding to swimming lessons, to hiking in the countryside and games on the beach.

As parents and teachers know well, learning at this age is about active engagement in tangible experiences that reinforce and inform learning. Our carefully chosen venues and age appropriate activities are the perfect way to leverage this age group’s energy and curiosity.

A typical day consists of 2 hours of fun and practical Spanish classes, followed by 2 hours of activities that we rotate throughout the week. During the activities, students learning English will mix with those who are learning Spanish, so as to utilize the language skills they have learnt in the classroom in real world situations.

In reality the language class continues during the period of activities. Our activities are carefully set up in order to offer the best learning value for the kids. For example, we utilize horseback riding and hiking to teach the children everything there is to learn about animals, farming and the countryside. Our beach activities are built around organized games and activities in both languages, as well as periodical marine science labs on the beach.

  • Dates: From July 1st to August 31st
  • Ages: Level 1 (5-7 years), Level 8 (8-11 years)
  • Activities (once a week): Horseback riding, Swimming lessons in a pool, Activities on the beach, Eco-farming, Interactive marine biology lessons…