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Learn Spanish Online

Thanks to the internet we can now offer a very convenient online course with private tutors teaching you Spanish at all level and without having to move from the coziness of your home.ll you need is a computer with an ADSL connection and a SKYPE user account.

The most effective way to learn Spanish is to learn Spanish in Spain but if you can´t come to us we will come to you:

Our professional team of teachers are available for video conference 1 to 1 courses regardless of your level. Choose from a variety of vouchers and book your appointments. If you already have a level in Spanish take our placement test and submit it. Depending on the result of your placement test, a teacher might direct you through an outside webpage from which to purchase a course manual.

If you are ready to book your lessons, choose from the various vouchers and proceed to payment via your prefered method (see below), and send us your schedule preferences and personal information through the contact form. Do not forget to include your skype name so that you can be added to our skype student list and connection trial can take place.

Available vouchers: Special offers !


The lessons:

Each session is half an hour long and can be grouped into a maximum of 3 sessions (1,5 hr). The vouchers are valid for a maximum of 6 months from the date of purchase.

The sessions will be scheduled in advance, the student will be expected to inform the school with at least 24 hours notice of any change in the schedule.

The students can arrange their lessons on a weekly basis depending on teacher availabilities with a maximum frequency of 4 lessons (made up from 1 to 3 sessions) per week.

The student will be taught through a webcam by a native speaker who depending on necessities will be able to use some english.

The student will have to use speaking skills through a microphone, listening skills through speakers and reading and writing skills through a chat window.

Students will be sent homework through the internet via attached files and will be expected to complete it as well as study covered areas prior to the following lesson.

 What will you need?

Online students will need a computer with ADSL internet connection, webcam, headset or speakers and microphone as well as a notebook and a bilingual dictionary.

Payment methods:

Fill up our contact form and proceed to payment straight away through PAYPAL


PayPal – The safer, easier way to pay online!
Fill up our contact form and make a bank transfer once we have provided you with the necessary information.
You can also come to our school and proceed with payments here.